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Perak Olimpik Pandelela, Jun Hoong dan Pengorbanan Komando Malaysia

" Komando berpakaian lengkap, terjun beribu-ribu kaki dari kapal terbang dapat pencen tak sampai pun RM2000, itupun kalau selamat. Pandelela terjun tak sampai 30 kaki dan tanpa pakaian lengkap dapat RM300,000 dan pencen untuk terjun tak sampai seminit. Agaknya siapa yang lebih berjasa kepada negara? "

Why trying to compare Pandelela and Hoong' Silver Medal with Malaysian Paratroopers while you can be proud of both.

We shouldnt compare especially not over someone who’s representing the country on an International level and someone who's when we sleep peacefully in our houses, they sacrifice their sleep. Our brave soldiers stay awake and sacrifice all to protect us.

We should be proud to have both these amazingly talented and hardworking athletes to represent the country, and grab a Silver in the Olympics.

Same goes to all Malaysian Paratroopers, who serve our country & protect our freedom!

Well done Pandelela and Jun Hoong! Thanks a lot Malaysian Paratroopers.

Sorry for the broken english. Know that I welcome anyone to correct me anytime. In private if you could. Hiksss

Kalau nak compare Pandelela and Jun Hoong, Jun Hoong lagi cantik kan. 😘

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