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Apa yang aku benci dekat ayah aku:Part 2

Ok part two, before you read this entry i hope you already stalk my first entry about this : APA YANG AKU BENCI DEKAT AYAH AKU: PART 1...if you finish it, this is the second part and also last part of this video which created by one man and his son...

On this second video, they continue talk about what they hate each other, anyway based on this video, they had added many more reason why they hate each other...

Nway as usual, enjoy it!!

Finished it?? yeah. you all really handsome and beautiful lah...nway happy father day to my loving dad. Mr Zulkifli and i love you so much more than i love this blog..heheh

Thanx you so much in all what you had done to me....

p/s:again,broken english:)
2nd p/s:weekend nyh aku akan berjauhan dengan my lovely blog cosh kol 7 pagi japgi nak gerak gi Klang untuk kem Fasilitator UPNM 2011..

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broken english ? not so bad la ,. heee ^^

*zana perlu kan pertolongan ,. click sini ,.

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