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Apa yang aku benci dekat ayah aku:Part 1

Morning everyone, today aku free gila-gila, nonit go to class, attend outdoor activity because my MC..oh no!! its mean im sick!! yeah, sore throat and fever really make me uncomfortable with my body right now and too much medicine make me condition getting worst...

Nway since two days more left to Fathers days, so berbekalkan cuti sakit yang ada nyh aku rajinkan diri mencari bahan-bahan baru untuk memenuhi "publish entry" aku, so first place yang aku stalk adalah Youtube, so after a few moment i found one video that really-really funny but serious actually between one man and his son...

Both of them talking about what they hate each other, they react what they hate to us, actually this video got 2 part, part one and part two but for right now i only gonna let u watch first part and second part will be my on next entry..nway enjoy it...

Ok, so u finish it???That really-really happen in our life right, maybe no all, maybe one or two...nway love your father and make him happy until his last breath:))

p/s:again,broken english :)

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hahahaha , cool gilaaa . ilovepapa <3 hehe

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